Saturday, October 28, 2017

Teams, BizTalk and Bizzy Bot

I recently just arrived back home from the Integrate 2017 USA conference and wanted to blog about the awesome sessions that took place a few days ago.

One of the sessions by Kent Weare showed how easy it is to integrate Microsoft Flow with Bots and Microsoft Teams.

In order to prove how easy it is, I started up my laptop and created my own Flow to integrate with my already existing Azure App Service containing my connection to my on-premise BizTalk REST API. (See my blog on this at

Within a few minutes I had created my first Bot in Microsoft Teams which lists all my BizTalk applications. The longest part of working on this POC was signing up my Bizzy bot, which can be found here:

Below is a screenshot showing the result:

All that is required to invoke the call is to use any Microsoft Teams client (Desktop or Mobile App) and type: "@Bizzy list applications".

Just imagine what you can do...

  • @Bizzy start SendPort1 
  • @Bizzy restart BizTalkServerApplication
  • @Bizzy create new receive location
  • @Bizzy list suspended instances
Just a thought... :)

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  1. Hi Team,

    I am trying to implement this solution and currenly stuck on calling azure api app created in aure from Bizzy BOT & Microsoft Flow. Could you please help me on this.